Columbia River Buoy 10 Double with Guide, Lance Fisher

In my previous post, this same crew and just finished up their limit of Columbia River Salmon. As I was looking through my videos I noticed another video of the same trip that shows how getting your limit in 3 hours can actually happen as the boys are hooked up with a double in an area known as Blind Channel.

Doubles are rare in many fisheries, but not on the Columbia River at Buoy 10. There are seasons that I’ll go weeks in the river, landing at least one double every day. Can you say triples? Yes, they happen to. Quads? Ya, that’s a little more rare in the river, although when I’m running charters in the Ocean off the mouth of the Columbia River, it happens pretty regularly.

The arrival of Columbia River Salmon to Astoria and the area known as Buoy 10 is simply a one of a kind fishery. With one of the largest returns of fall Salmon to one system in the entire world and a bottleneck that’s five miles accross, anglers are going to experience some pretty amazing fishing.

This years run is expected to be another excellent return. Pre season forecasts have 1.2 million Chinook or King Salmon returning to the Columbia and another 500k Coho or Silver Salmon will also be returning. Fishing out of Astoria runs from August through the first couple weeks of September.

If you’re looking to get out, feel free to email me or call 503.680.6809.

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