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Willamette Springers Roll On

It’s a very busy time of year and I struggle to blog all the time.  Between my trips, bait, errands, phone calls, emails, being a husband, daddy etc.  I get behind at times with the updates.

Fishing has been very decent the last several days since moving into the Willamette from the Columbia. Have I mentioned that the Columbia was FORGETTABLE?  Those of you that booked in January are in the cat bird’s seat right now, so if you’ve called, unable to get on the boat, the early bookers simply got the worm…..  I’ve got a few full day openings left in May and a bunch of half days available.  Half day trips run from 330p to 730p and cost $100 per person.  These can be some great trips as the evening bite is often times the best bite of the day.

I’ve been fishing herring close to downtown Portland for a few days and have been doing alright.  This is a relaxing area to fish and it’s been productive enough to keep fish in the box.  Fish are starting to move up a bit into the Oregon City area and I’ll be moving up there to fish in the next day or two.

Here’s some shots from the last few days.

A catch of Willametter River Spring Chinook with fishing guide Lance Fisher


Another big Willamette River springer caught with fishing guide Lance Fisher


A limit catch of Willamette River springers with fishing guide Lance Fisher