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Use Stealth for low-water Steelhead


In this week’s Final Cast, I continue our discussion about low water steelhead. Check out the segments and articles from last week at lancefisherfishing.com. You’ll find tips on where to find low water steelhead, as well as a proven rig for bead fishing with light-line floats.

Any fishermen that wants to continue to learn new techniques is wise to spend time with other anglers. Football coaches like to spend time with other coaches whenever possible, so they can learn new tips and approaches from each other. They take what they learn and apply it to their own game. You should be doing that, too, with other fishermen. You are never beyond learning. You may not be able to incorporate everything they do into your own fishing, and you shouldn’t. Make sure you do not change your own systems too much. However, take what you can, and add it to your own game book.

Still about steelhead

I’m still bullish on steelhead, even though the water is low and clear. It’s the right time of year, and those fish will continue to come in, even with the low water. You must change what you are doing if you want to catch fish in these conditions. Do not clang your drift boat over the riffles, banging and bouncing it off the rocks at the head of the pool. You can’t make that much commotion, pull over and expect to catch a steelhead. You’ll shut down every fish in the vicinity.

It’s also a matter of fishing etiquette. Anytime you are disrupting the fish you’re ruining the fishing for everyone around you. You can’t get away with being careless in these conditions, and when you are, you make it hard on everyone. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, and use some stealth on these fish. You’ll be more successful in the end, and you won’t make enemies of the other guys on the river.

Once again, review the segments and articles from last week, and take them to heart. You’ll be pleased with the results if you do.