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Tillamook Winter Steelhead Fishing Getaway

Sometimes a day just isn’t enough.  If this is you and the doctor is ordering a little rest and relaxation of the fishing kind, a couple days of some of the best steelhead fishing in the Northwest might be just the ticket.

Tillamook County is loaded with steelhead fishing opportunity.  The Nehalem, Wilson, Trask and Nestucca Rivers are all within 20 minutes of Tillamook.  All the rivers hold their water at different rates meaning there’s just about always a river with steelhead green water waiting with chrome bright steelhead.


Arrive the afternoon or evening before your first day of fishing.  Wake up to a full breakfast buffet and grab the already prepared lunch on the way out the door.  We’ll fish a minimum of 8 hours unless you’re limited out.  I’ll handle your fish cleaning and I even have vacuum packing should you want it.  At that point you can head back to the hotel room, relax and have dinner at your leisure.

Day 2:  I’m thinking you’re going to know what’s for breakfast by now and right where your lunch is.  I’ll be waiting for another epic day on one of Tillamook’s great steelhead rivers.  You did the drill on day 1, now you’re looking to make the most of every opportunity with your casting accuracy supremely honed.  Day 2 is just about always better than day one, if for no other reason than you simply “know the drill”.  We’ll put up our limit or eight hours on the water, get your fish taken care of  and send you on your way.

Hotel accommodations take place at the Garibaldi House, which is one of the area’s best hotels.  The Garibaldi House knows fishing and treat my people well every time.  I receive a special rate for my clients making for a great deal on your lodging with out sacrificing comfort and service.


The price of $525 includes 2 nights lodging, single occupancy.  2 days of guided fishing with no more than two to the boat.  Add breakfast and lunch for both days and you have a great fishing value.

If you’re looking two somehow decrease the price of the two days of fishing, we could always set you up double occupancy and even fish a third angler.  Single days of fishing without accommodations are $200 per day.

Let me know if you have any questions or would simply like to get booked for your Tillamook winter steelhead getaway.

Thanks and tight lines,

Lance Fisher


For more on the rivers, visit my Wilson River Steelhead Fishing page and Nestucca River Steelhead Fishing page.