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Tillamook County Rivers Bring Shiny Gifts

Nice Tillamook area Fall Chinook Salmon

I love this time of year. Back to the roots, simplicity and basics that make drift boat fishing in Tillamook County so amazing. In it’s simplicity, the fishing is quite technical. The basics are only basics if you know them and I have so sympathy for those that don’t yet understand. I was taught by watching and picking up the dropped bread crumbs of guys like Gary Hilton, Marv McQuinn, Lee Darby and Terry Mulkey. None of these guys really told me anything, but there is an education that comes with a butt kicking and thankfully, I was on the receiving end of many.

Nice Salmon from Tillamook

The rewards of fishing this time of year are great and the satisfaction of a good day out of the drift boat rivals few fishing opportunities that I know of. The fish are often times big, nearly always bright and everything that goes into catching fish in the drift boat add to the richness of a day on the water. This past week provided me and my guests with plenty of rich moments and to think it’s only the end of October is pretty cool. October has been a weather roller coaster to say the least and while it’s put the damper on some of the bay fishing, it’s opened up all sorts of possibilities on rivers like the Nestucca, Wilson, Trask and Kilchis.

Husband and wife with a nice early morning Tillamook Salmon

Needless to say it was a good week. Even with the extra competition of the North Coast Salmon Rendezvous and all the extra guides that this amazing event brings, fishing was still very good. Rivers are starting to get to the lower end of optimal, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to be waiting very long for rain. Forecasts show a new front moving in on Monday and consistent rain/showers for the rest of the week. Of course, it’s a fine line between just the right amount and too much rain. Hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to report on another incredible week.

If you’re looking to head out and do some fishing, feel free to contact me. I’ll help where I can.