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The Real Steelhead Season is About to Get Going

When I first started guiding steelhead fishing started in December. Big numbers would return throughout the northwest and yes we had fun! Fast forward some years and today the real fishing gets going the end of January and runs through March. The run on the Wilson and Nestucca Rivers is a combination of Hatchery Broodstock Steelhead and Wild Steelhead that make for some really nice fishing. It’s a nice time of year to be out on the water as the days approach spring. Wildlife and plantlife begins to wake up from the winter stooper and the rivers simply feel alive.

We’ll be fishing out of my 2012 19×66 Willie Drift Boat that I had built last year. It’s a beautiful boat and extraordinarily comfortable. If you want to get on the books, simply give me a call.

Thanks and tight lines,