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The move to Shimano, G. Loomis, Power Pro

In the last few days I’ve completed a move to a group of companies that I have long admired and only hoped to one day join.  Shimano, G. Loomis and PowerPro stand at the peak of their respective categories and I believe my customers will be the recipients of many of the relationships benefits.

Shimano has stood on the mountain top of reel technology for the better part of two decades now.  They consistently lead the industry in truly cutting edge technologies that push the limits of practical thinking.  Shimano is the brand that all other reels are compared to and to be able to receive the support and product from a company such as this is really quite an honor.

G. Loomis is the torch bearer in rod manufacturing and development.  In becoming more familiar with their products here the last few days, the attention to detail and contempt for mediocrity is incredible.  From herring rods that would make Picasso weep, back bouncers that would have Monet standing with applause and side drifters that Da Vinci would certainly approve of, the genius of G. Loomis rod actions, are, simply put, art that we get to fish with.  It’s beautiful precision that meets the world of fishing and I’m very excited to share the perfection of these rods with all of you that will join me on my boats in the coming years.

PowerPro falls right in line with the Shimano and G. Loomis level of quality and in it’s own category, leads the way in innovation.  From Super 8 Slick, which is the most supple of any braid I’ve ever felt, to the innovative Hollow Ace, that is providing anglers with new and innovative ways to splice lines.  PowerPro continues to figure out ways to fill needs that most had no idea existed.  That’s innovation.

So in the coming year, I look forward to sharing with all of you the equipment that makes fishing fun and your guided trip even better.

Thanks for all the support…..