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The end of Buoy 10. Next up….Klickitat River Salmon Fishing

A limit catch of Columbia River Salmon, caught with fishing guide Lance Fisher

The end of Bouy 10. Next up…Klickitat River Salmon Fishing

Buoy 10 stands as a sign of good things to come for Klickitat River Salmon fishing

What a great year in Astoria fishing for Salmon.  Lots and lots of Salmon made their way through the area known as Buoy 10 and it was great ending it with a family that decided to spend a couple days with me catching Chinook as fast as you possibly can.  Yes, it was that good and yes, I can’t wait to do it again next year.  But all things must come to an end and with it, the excitement of a new fishery like the Klickitat kicks in as all these fish that we’ve been catching for the last month are making their way past one of the great tributaries on the Columbia.

So with that, I’ll be arriving to the Klickitat River this week (9/5/13) to begin guiding for the huge numbers of Salmon that will make their presence felt in the coming month.  The Klickitat River will allow us to keep two adults, native or hatchery.  As many of you experienced last year, we also catch a fair number of  jacks as well.  The combination of the adults and jacks made for some very nice meat hauls last year and with the huge numbers over Bonneville in the last three days, I’m guessing we’re going to be experiencing the same fishing circus act this year.

I’ve got a couple days open between now and the first week of October.  If you’d like to get out, email me or give me a call at 503.680.6809.

Thanks and tight lines,