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Summer break means More Fishing!

The 2013 Spring Chinook season won’t go down as a barn burner by any means, but I’m grateful for those that came out and am happy with how the boat fished.  So with the Willamette and now Tillamook behind us, it’s time to look forward to some fishing that I’ve really grown to love.  Columbia River summer steelhead fishing has turned out to be one of the big number fisheries that we’re able to enjoy.  Couple numbers with some decent weather and you’ve got a match made in heaven.  After a couple weeks of traveling to Alaska and Las Vegas for the international fishing show, we’ll start fishing for these scrappy fish in earnest.  We’ll start after the first week of July and be fishing for steelhead through the first week of August at which time we’ll shift focus to the Fall Salmon run in Astoria.

A columbia river summer steelhead caught fishing with guide Lance Fisher