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Newport Ocean Halibut Fishing

5 large halibut laying out

Update: 2 Halibut Daily Limit Begins June 12th

That’s right! It’s normally a 1 halibut daily bag limit, but beginning on June 12th, that will bump up to a 2 fish limit. We don’t guarantee limits, but we always do our best to put our customers on fish.

2023 Newport Halibut Fishing

Right now we’re in the middle of some pretty incredible halibut fishing out of Newport. The season started on May 1st and is slated to run through the end of June, with a some possible days added in July. Retention is allowed 7 days per week, and this year’s fish are larger that last year’s. 20-40 lbs fish make for some great fishing, some awesome photos, and some even better eating. We’ve had orcas and dolphins put on shows for us while we’re out on the water, which is an added bonus.

Enjoy a spring day on the ocean as we head out to the Rock Pile or Chicken Ranch to target halibut and more. We’ll try to add rockfish and lingcod to the ice box and drop the crab pots when possible. On June 17th ocean salmon fishing will open on the Central Oregon Coast, giving us the option of adding in some coho fishing. We’re taking full advantage of all of that Newport has to offer when it comes to guided fishing trips. Our goal is to give you the best possible experience that we can so that you head home with some tasty fish and lasting memories.

Let us know if you would like to target some halibut.  Simply fill out our questions and reservations form or give us a call. As always, we’re happy to answer any and all questions.