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Hatchery and Wild

Hatchery and Wild is a lot of things, but if I were to boil it down- it’s about peace and truth.

It is about peace for the sake of our fellow fishermen and Northwesterners. Of course, over the years fishing groups have not always gotten along, but in Hatchery and Wild, Commercial Fishermen, the Tribes and Sport Fishermen come together to talk about the value of hatchery fish for the future of our collective heritage and the future of fishing. All of us affect and are effected by the state of salmon in our rivers. Only by coming together for the common goal of preserving the future of fishing will we find success for the long haul.

Nez Perce hatchery workers working in the spawning room

It is about truth, because the narrative that is out there today is not the whole truth. Much of what is being communicated is true, but it is only part of the truth. To find real world solutions in a world that will continue to put more downward pressure on Salmon and Steelhead, we need to pragmatically look at solutions that are both realistic and sustainable. Maybe that truth is uncomfortable or inconvenient, but to solve our problems we need to face them head on and make changes accordingly.

A hatchery smolt salmon leaps into the air

The controversies surrounding the concepts of “wild fish” and “hatchery fish” are convoluted and often miscommunicated due to many complexities, nuances, and incomplete data sets. In Hatchery and Wild, we have brought together a broad range of information and stories, to boil down a ten-thousand foot view of what we’re actually talking about. It is an educational story that sheds light on the network of issues, summing up scientific and experiential information without getting lost in the weeds.

For the commercial fisherman, the tribal fisherman, the sport fisherman, the grocery stores and restaurants that serve fish, and the people who eat fish, this is a story that needs to be told. If you love fishing, Hatchery and Wild is a story that you must see and share. Make sure that when you’re done viewing the video you head over to hatcheryandwild.com to sign the petition.