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Garibaldi Fishing Charters with Lance Fisher

Garibaldi is home to Tillamook Bay. Tillamook Bay and the surrounding ocean offers one of the top Salmon fisheries on the continent and with five Salmon producing rivers feeding Tillamook Bay, there’s good reason why people come from far and wide to fish. Tillamook Bay is known for offering one of the longest fall Salmon runs anywhere. Salmon begin entering the system in September and we’ll fish for chrome bright fall Chinook/Kings into December.

Lance Fisher Fishing offers licensed and bonded, power boat and drift boat trips to individuals, or groups. Our drift boats fish two to three people at a time and our power boats fish four anglers. If you have a larger group, we can organize that for you as well utilizing our network of fishing guides. The power boats operate in the surrounding ocean and bay, but also move into tidewater of the various rivers as fish move into their native system. Our drift boats are used in the rivers themselves, a couple of which are known far and wide. With big numbers and some large fish in their respective gene pools, the Wilson and Trask River are famous to Salmon fishermen everywhere.

The advantage to fishing with Lance Fisher Fishing boats is that our boats, unlike the rest of the charters in Garibaldi, will access all areas of the ocean and bay with the speed and control necessary to be consistently successful.

Trips prices very on the trip and fishery. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. To book we take a small deposit and follow up with a confirmation email that will summarize your trip dates, cost and provide licensing information for your trip. All anglers must have a valid license and tag or day license. We offer a link in our confirmation email that allows our customers to purchase their licenses online.



I offer my clients a 25′ Willie Raptor power boat, which is supremely equipped for performance and comfort. My drift boat is also made by Willie and is one of the finest performing boats on the water. I’m on G. Loomis Rods national pro team and because this, offer clients the use of the finest fishing rods made. I’m also on the Shimano’s national pro team and use Shimano Tekotas, Currados and Stradics when fishing. Remaining equipment ammenities are: Gamakatsu Hooks, Mustang Survival PFD’s, Maxima Monofilament, Seaguar Fluorocarbon  and Yeti coolers to keep your fish ice cold.

Launch Locations:

We use several boat launches when fishing the Tillamook system. We use Memaloose on the south end of the bay, Garibaldi on the north end and of course the numerous individual river ramps that are available. We’ll be sure to give you concise directions when arranging your trip.


While many of our clients come from the surrounding area and valley to fish, many will want accommodations. For years, my clients have been staying at the Garibaldi House. Gene and the staff are very accustomed to accommodating my customers and do so with clean rooms, breakfast before you leave and a sack lunch for your day on the water when your request it.

Fishing Cleaning:

We will clean and fillet all your fish. Be sure to bring a cooler to get your fish home.

Should you need to transport your fish via air line, you wont have a problem. Simply bring or buy a 70 qt cooler, pick up some dry ice at the Tillamook Fred Meyer (you’re allowed 5.5 pounds on your flight), freeze the fish the night before and you will be able to get your fish home in perfect shape.

For more information or to book your trip simply contact us.