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Fishing Photography

Fishing photography  is a big part of our day on the water. Photography is such a natural part of our fishing world and I’m grateful to be able to capture the moments and scenes that happen on the water every day. With the exception of the public portal, all portfolios are protected by passwords. If you have any questions regarding access to a particular portfolio or have questions on a  fishing photography project that you’d like my help with, feel free to contact me.

So people ask, “Why do you charge for the photography from the trip that we’ve already paid for?” This is a good question and easily explained. First, the camera equipment that I carry on the boat runs just shy of 10k. Secondly, because the photographs are raw, I pay to have them processed by a professional photographer as I don’t personally have the time to process them. Many clients over the years wanted to get a hold of the photography from our day fishing together and having someone else process the images was the only way it was going to get done.

These images are very high quality with no loss of resolution on images even up to 4 and 5 feet wide. Not that you’re looking to posterize yourself, but many enjoy having memories of great fishing trips.

photo taken of salmon in the river

Available to the Public

Access to this portfolio is for anyone and does not require a password. Have a look around and contact me should you have any purchasing questions.

a commercially available fishing photo from guide Lance Fisher

Commercial Customers

This portfolio is available to commercial customers only. You will need a password to access these photographs. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me.

Client with a fresh caught salmon

Fishing Customers

This area is for customers that have fished with me and is password protected.