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Fish moving up!

After several days of herring fishing, the reports of fish moving up the river have gotten good enough to venture up there.  It’s a different fishery altogether from what we were doing in downtown Portland, but different is good sometimes, especially when it means more fish! When you start fishing the West Linn/ Oregon City area, you go from fishing herring to eggs, shrimp and prawns.  I’m not sure why, but I’m not going to debate with my Spring Chinook friends as I certainly want to give them what they like 😉 The new fishery is also giving everyone a chance to try the new gear.  As I’ve mentioned before, I made the change to Shimano Reels and G. Loomis rods this year.  Although I was using Shimano prior to officially going to work with them, the G. Loomis relationship is entirely new. It’s been fun to hear the feedback from clients as they put the G. Loomis, SAPR 982c’s in their hand.  Most of the time people just smile in disbelief that the rods are as light as they are.  I’ve always fished good rods, but these are another level of precision. The rods are coupled with Shimano 300 Tekota LC’s and what you have is the very best outfit money can buy for the type of fishing we’re doing. Here’s some pictures of yesterday’s trip.

Willamette River Spring salmon caught with fishing guide Lance Fisher

  Willamette River Springer caught with fishing guide Lance Fisher   Willametter River Springer caught with fishing guide Lance Fisher