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Final Few Days in the Columbia River Gorge

Salmon fishing at the mouth of the deschutes river

White Salmon, Klickitat and Deschutes River Salmon fishing shines, even through the storm.

This past week has continued what’s been a very special run on the Columbia River. Whether the White Salmon, Klickitat, or Deschutes, the fishing has been supberb. Last weeks storm threatened fishing and frankly, I wasn’t sure how the significant pressure changes would effect us. So I was relieved as we got through very rough conditions with world class results.
We had several days where wind waves on the Columbia were over 2 feet and sometime closer to 3 foot. And it was in these few days that everybody that showed up found out why I fish a Willie Boat with the Mercury and Motorguide power package. Conditions were atrocious and yet the boat sat flat, comfortable and the rods kept folding. At times I take for granted the incredible equipment that I’m so fortunate to run, but mother nature has a tendency to send reminders like the storm last week.

So despite winds, rain and the uncertainty of a weather event like we just had, fishing was exceptional and I can’t wait to get back tonight for my last few days of fishing. If you’re still looking to get out to the Gorge, we should have a couple more weeks of good fishing followed by the Gorge Coho that can be mind blowing. Shawn will continue to run trips in the area so feel free to give me a call or email if you’re still wanting to try your hand at the 2013 Columbia River Salmon fishing that’s been so amazing.

As for me, I’m off to Tillamook Tuesday and will arrive for some pretty incredible hold over tides along the Jetty in Barview. That’s the great thing about fishing in the PNW- there’s a new season around every corner.

Let me know if you’re looking to get out.

Tight Lines,