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Fall Salmon Opportunities Jam On

Happy angler with a chrome chinook salmon in Tillamook

Tillamook Salmon

With 2 bays and 5 rivers to choose from, Tillamook County continues to provide opportunities for fall salmon fishing. Current bag limits are 2 adult salmon, only 1 of which may be a wild Chinook. Hatchery Chinook and Coho may also be retained, although at this time of year, the Coho have moved through and we’re targeting Chinook. We’ve got one rain event in the books and now Chinook are staging in the bay again. Forecasts are calling for continued high pressure, which will continue to give us more opportunities as fish pile up waiting for the rivers to rise.

We expect to be salmon fishing in Tillamook through Thanksgiving. Whether it’s in the bay, tidewater, or rivers will depend on conditions.

Lewis River Salmon

A pair of happy anglers with their fall salmon on the Lewis River

About 30 minutes north of Portland, the Lewis River continues to offer some of the best fishing in the region. Both Chinook and Coho salmon are in the river right now, and it’s still the Chinook that are dominating the action. And for those of you wondering, no they’re not dark. Six of seven Chinook yesterday were chromers. We’re going to see good fishing well through November, and dare I say, December???? Yes, with the ways things are going, I would not be surprised to see some really good Winter Chinook fishing. Kind of reminds me of the good old days 🙂

We use a variety of techniques on the Lewis, including back trolling, back bouncing, bobber fishing, side drifting, and hover fishing. Each hole fishes differently, and being ready with multiple approaches tends to help maximize our opportunities. 

There is lots of fishing to be done on the Lewis as the fall continues.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a trip. We’re happy to help.