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Columbia River Spring Chinook Forecast

Spring Chinook

In the first of many forecasts to come over the next couple months, the Columbia River Spring Chinook run forecast  numbers were released. The 2014 run looks to be significantly better than 2013 and I know that’s a relief to all of us. Shortly, Willamette River numbers will be released and if the Willamette parallels the Columbia we should see about a 30% increase from 45,0000 to 65,000 returning Willamette River Spring Chinook.

Customers are already calling for their 2014 dates and if you’d like to get on the books early, feel free to call or email. Otherwise, I’ll be contacting everyone that fished with me last year come the 1st of the year to offer them first opportunity at all of the 2014 fishing dates.

2013 Forecast 141,000

2013 Actual Return 123,100

2014 Forecast 227,000