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A November Rain? Our Salmon fishing needs it!

Trask River Salmon Fishing with guide lance fisher

Tillamook Bay’s Wilson and Trask River are ready for big things if we can get some rain.

The lack of rain is getting a bit old, but we’ve managed to slug it out this week anyway. Only one day of poor results and several decent days means we’re doing better than most. It pays to have great gear and I feel blessed everyday I go out to be able to be salmon fishing with the equipment we all get to use. It really makes a difference when conditions get tough and details begin to really matter.

Tillamook Bay Salmon Fishing with guide Lance Fisher

So this weekend we’re slated to get some decent enough rain. The forecasts have it wet in one capacity or the other for the next 5 days or so and hopefully that will be enough to bump river levels up. We badly need the water to come up and when it does we should be in great shape for November.

Looking to get out? I’ve got a few spots open for the river fishing that’s upon us. Feel free to contact me to get on the schedule.