A Guide’s Morning on the Columbia River

Early morning on the Columbia River Gorge just before fishing for Spring Salmon

As a fishing guide on the Columbia River, early mornings are something I look forward to. It all starts with a cup of coffee while I drive to the boat ramp. Sometimes it’s the most relaxation I’ll get in 24 hours. With the peace and quiet, I also get to see some pretty remarkable early morning skies that often send me scurrying for my camera. I should be tying up rigs, but I can’t help myself on mornings like this.

Columbia River Gorge mornings are made for long exposures and wide angles. Some of my favorite photos have come with such a combination in this beautiful place. On this particular morning, the sky is incredible and the Columbia River is about as calm as you’ll ever see it during Spring Salmon season.

Yes I’m a fishing guide, but I love capturing moments on the Columbia River as much as I like the fishing. To me it’s all the same thing.

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