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2020 0825 Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing Continues

Chinook Salmon limits at Buoy 10 in Astoria

There’s been a lot to enjoy in Astoria and on the Columbia River at the Buoy 10 Salmon fishery the past 10 days. Overall we’ve had great weather and fun times on the water. We’ve been fishing for Chinook Salmon so far and have brought in several whoppers that topped the scales at over 25 pounds! That’s a lot of fish to take home for the grill and freezer. Chinook season continues through August 27th, and we still have a few openings. On the 28th we shift gears as Coho Salmon fishing takes center stage.

Buoy 10 Coho Salmon

We’ve already seen some nice looking Coho in the Columbia River. They are feisty and bright, and should offer some good fishing opportunities through September in Astoria. Although we’re still fishing the same waters after the Buoy 10 Chinook season ends, things take on a different pace after the closure. There are fewer people in town and on the water, and a lot of fish around. I personally think that we’re heading into some of the best fishing of the year. We may be chasing chrome Coho to take home as fresh fillets, but the Chinook run is still going strong. We simply release any Chinook we catch during the day while fishing for Coho. Who doesn’t like a day with more fishing action? You won’t hear me complaining 🙂

Let us know if you have any questions or you’d like to get a trip scheduled. We’re always happy to help with fishing and more. Whether you need help finding a good hotel to stay in before your trip, want to know where to dine after your trip, or would like to know what other unique things you can do in the area when you’re not on the water…feel free to ask. We want you to have a great experience.